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Mission Statement

All treatment provided will be appropriate to the patient’s desires and needs and will take place after all options have been fully discussed, and agreed upon.

mission statement Mission StatementAt the heart of every treatment plan will be the knowledge that each patient must fully understand the cause of their disease, and how they can prevent it in the future.  It must also encompass ethical treatment planning and have risks and rewards evaluated by the dentists and our team.

To help us deliver this care we are constantly working towards the creation of an highly trained dental work environment, which will allow each one of us to achieve our very best.

Every working day must be planned to provide our patients with the time and care that they need to maintain a healthy mouth. The entire dental team will be able to work at his or her optimum pace, with the highest quality equipment, to ensure that every patient we treat receives the best care available.  Each patients risk assessment for dental disease will be evaluated before deciding on their routine dental care.

The staff at our practice work as a team, each member dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. The success of our patients’ treatment will lead, in turn,to patient referrals thus allowing us to provide high quality work because of the patients we have.

Our practice is at the center of a large community and must strive to elevate itself in the minds of all, seeking the highest possible levels of trust and respectability. We must be aware that our patients come from a diverse community and have different views about their dental care. Our team will always follow our dedication to excellence and customer care.

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