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£500.00 Off The Price Of Fastbraces

Get £500.00 Off Fastbraces Today.  Usually £3200 for both arches NOW £2700. Cannot be used with any other offers. Quotes FB500 when you contact us.


Fastbraces is fast becoming a teeth straightening phenomena, it’s revolutionary technology is making dental professionals rethink the way they straighten their patients teeth.

Fastbraces Logo 300x283 £500.00 Off The Price Of FastbracesFor years, straightening braces have worked in a similar way, in that one brace was fitted to move the root of the teeth and after a period of time (usually around a year), these braces would be changed and a second brace would be fitted that would then move the crown of the teeth.

Straightening you teeth often took up to two years, which is uncomfortable for the patients, requires many visits to the dentist, which increases the cost.

Frastbraces in Essex  have changed all this. with its revolutionary design and technology, Fastbraces can now perform this task in one simple move. The roots and the crown of the teeth are moved at the same time. This means that straightening us normally completed in a matter of months, some times even weeks.

So to celebrate the success of this fantastic product, we are offering our patients the chance to straighten their teeth in half the time it would normally take with traditional braces and at the same time receive a massive £500.00 off the price.

This offer will be available to our existing and new patients throughout Autumn. Just think how having straight teeth in a matter of weeks or months would enhance your smile and even your life. No longer will you have to hide those crooked teeth of suffer the discomfort of not being able to eat correctly.

This offer can’t last, we have a limited supply of these kits to offer our patients, which we have managed to negotiate with our supplier Fastbraces, so call us today on 01376 569 090 and book your consultation and let us assess whether you are suitable for Fastbraces.

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3 Responses to “£500.00 Off The Price Of Fastbraces”

  1. Dale Jackson
    October 2nd, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    Hi i mite be interested in fast braces. what sort of price is it? monthly payments?

  2. Braintree Dental Studio
    October 15th, 2013 at 10:56 am

    The cost varies on severity. From £1800 – £3500 for both arches is a good ball part. Book online for a free consultation.

  3. Pawel Janeczek
    November 6th, 2013 at 5:05 pm


    I would be interested in £500 off offer. Is it still available?

    I recently moved to Wivenhoe however, so I am attending my local dentist here. Can I still have FastBraces with you?

    Are the all appointments to adjust the braces included in the price? How often the braces have to be adjusted?


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