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Face Lift With No Needles, Toxins Or Surgery

No Needles, No Surgery, Natural Face Lift

Lady Chin Face Lift With No Needles, Toxins Or Surgery

Result achieved after three months, look at the neck

If you thought having a face lift meant having surgery think again. If you thought getting rid of those wrinkles meant having injections, think again.

Once again Braintree Dental Studio are ahead of the pack, we are the first dental practice to offer you the ability to have a face lift and get rid of those wrinkles without surgery or injections.

Just have a look at these photographs, all were achieved with the amazing Nu Skin ageLOC anti-ageing system which will reduce wrinkles and lift your face in just 20 minutes.

Galvanic Spa Face Lift With No Needles, Toxins Or Surgery

The Galvanic Spa

with the Galvanic Spa™ from Nu Skin we simply put the ageLOC gel on you skin and apply with the Galvanic Spa™, this takes around 20 minutes and you will be astounded with the results.

With this device you can have your own beauty treatment and face lift in the comfort of your own home, two treatment sessions per week, lasting just 20 minutes will remove wrinkles, and lift you face making you look and feel years younger and have your friends and relatives gasping at your new look.

The patented ageLOC technology works at the genetic level so we treat the causes of ageing rather than addressing the symptoms, regular use of the Galvanic Spa face lift system has the ability to quite literally change your life.

Body Galvanic Spa

But it doesn’t stop at your face and neck, ask about the boy Galvanic Spa.

Hips Face Lift With No Needles, Toxins Or Surgery

Just look at the change in these hips

The same technology that can give you a face lift can also do wonders for your body too. Now you don’t have to put up with bingo arms and cellulite any longer, they can be banished for ever.

A recent study carried out by an independent laboratory reported that the Galvanic Spa™ System delivered significant improvements in cellulite.
35% of study participants experienced a one-inch or more reduction in the thigh circumference with treatment. The Galvanic Spa™ II Body Shaping Gel used with
the Galvanic Spa™ System II performed as follows:

  • 73% of study subjects demonstrated a reduction in thigh diameter.
  • 50% showed an improvement in appearance of the test area.
  • 35% exhibited a smoother skin surface.
  • 46% had an improvement in the overall condition
Contact The Practice For Your Trial and See For Yourself 

Split picture lady Face Lift With No Needles, Toxins Or SurgeryWe know you’ve all heard claims before about eternal youth and the latest fad, so that’s why we’re demonstrating the anti-wrinkle, face lift system at Braintree Dental Studio. We’ll give you the treatment on half your face and you can see the difference for yourself.

Look at this photograph on the left how the face has lifted, how the wrinkles have faded and this was after just one treatment, this really is an anti-ageing sensation, that  you  need to see in order to believe it, so call the practice today for your no needles, no surgery, completely natural face lift.

Call Braintree Dental Studio now and start looking younger today 01376 569 090


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