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Teeth Whitening Guidelines

Teeth Whitening has new laws!!

As of the 31st October 2012 a new regulation came into force – ‘The Cosmetic Products (Safety) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 which is to regulate the use of Hydrogen Peroxide use for tooth whitening.  The new lag has set out new guidelines for dentists which are all governed by the General Dental Council.

This new regulation states that a maximum of 6% hydrogen (or equivalent 6% released) can be used for tooth whitening.  This law affects all carbamide peroxide and zinc peroxides previously used.  They may still be used as carbamide peroxide releases hydrogen peroxide to whiten the teeth.  In broader terms it is clear that a 16% carbamide peroxide releases 6% hydrogen peroxide and thus meets new regulations and law.

Further amendments include:

  • These whitening products are only to be sold by dental practitioners.
  • Each cycle of whitening should be carried out by a dentist or under supervision by a dentist to ensure the safety of patients.  Afterwards to be provided to the consumer to complete the cycle of use.
  • The use of whitening products by non-General Dental Council registrants (i.e. dentists) is illegal).
  • The dentist should carry out an examination before embarking on a course of tooth whitening, to determine whether tooth whitening is a suitable treatment option for the patient.

There are whitening systems that use up 35% solutions!!  We have NEVER used any of these systems and only use Enlighten evolution teeth whitening as our number one choice.

We are only able to supply whitening products to patients who have undergone whitening treatment with our dentists.  Additionally, this guidance also restricts the use of whitening teeth with hydrogen peroxide to adults aged 18 or over.

All of the whitening products available at Braintree Dental Studio comply with this regulation.  Our whitening system developed by Enlighten is the most robust, safe and predictable whitening systems available.  Please read our teeth whitening page for further information of how this simple yet effective treatment can change your smile.


  • It is necessary for each patient to undergo a thorough assessment to tailor treatment plans for each individual catering for everybody’s needs.
  • Stay away from illegal tooth whitening by people who are not dentists!!

Check out this video about Enlighten tooth 

So if you think Teeth whitening in essex is for you; then contact us via our website or our phone number 01376 596 090 and we will be happy to get you smiling.


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